Saturday, May 9, 2015

Preparing for Missionary Mother's Day Calls

The younger missionaries rarely have the opportunity to call home. One is Christmas and the other is for Mother's Day. This means that many of them must set up the call in advance with their mothers or families.
Elder Canakaivata, Elder Arcayan and Elder Taule'alo

Sister David, Sister Kichiro, Elder Waimila

Sister Baum seems unsure why Sister Talakai is so excited about a package of cookies... But she's excited about everything.
On their Monday p-day, and after their Thursday Zone meeting, many came to the office and tried to call or email home to set it up. Some are from small islands where very few people have phones or email access. This makes it challenging but still doable.

Elder Matalolo is from St. George, Utah and Sister Aviata is from Australia

Our Zone Leaders, Elder Matalolo and Elder Waimila, worked hard to get everyone scheduled to call or do an internet video call.

Elder Wright with Elder Canakaivata next to a bunch of Yaris tires with Click and Ship USPS labels, bound for Pohnpei
It's always an exciting time with a lot going on when they fill the office.

Sister Misinale, Elder Matalolo, Elder Holmes

A lot of enthusiastic, high energy missionaries, with burning testimonies of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. We feel their strength and conviction.

Sister Muamoholeva, and Sister Misinale

Elder Ladore, left, and many other missionaries swarm the office. Sister Martin, right.

Sister Rock, Sister Muamoholeva, Sister Misinale
And just think...there are about 80,000 missionaries like this, serving world-wide, from many countries, serving without any worldly compensation. The "second pay" or spiritual blessings received are priceless.

By August, our mission will also have 13 senior couples serving 18 or 23 month missions. Wow. God truly lives and Jesus Christ lives, and there is a prophet on the earth today who receives revelation from them.

Elder Tafuna, Sister Misinale and Elder Katta

Sister Martin took these pictures of me at the post office, shipping out two cruiser bicycles to the island of Yap.

Elder Martin at the post office
These boxes are too big to run online postage labels. I just started doing online shipping labels. It saves a lot of time and money. It saved 50% per tire by doing the USPS online shipping label. We don't have to go to the post office as much either.

Sister Misinale wanted me to take her picture. They won the cleanest car award during our monthly car inspections that Elder and Sister Thomas help out with.

Sister Misinale, Sister Ta'ase and Sister Aviata won cleanest car
Elder and Sister Thomas at the mission office near a few leftover car cleaning supplies  

Sister Thomas and Sister Martin
Final note...A category 1 typhoon just brushed by, barely missing Yap a couple of days ago, and everyone is fine. We're in Typhoon Alley and they keep on coming.

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  1. I LOVE reading your blog. It brings the mission much closer to home even though it's half way round the world. Thank you for keeping us all up to date with what is going on :)