Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Two Lover's Point and Talofofo Falls

Sister Martin and I have been on our mission a little over a year and have enjoyed many great hikes/sites in Guam. Two sites we were avoiding were big for tourists, where busloads of people go daily...Two Lover's Point and Talofofo Falls Resort.

Two Lover's Point
After having fun with the members at the Barrigada Ward roadside cleanup (Adopt a Highway), Bishop Davis offered to go with us to Two Lover's Point. He mentioned a few things that mostly only the "locals" know about.

While driving on the road just before the sign to enter, Bishop Davis pointed out the areas on the right and the left that used to be Air Force base Barracks. There were old power poles not in use and even an old sidewalk, a rare sight on Guam.

We arrived, and yes, there was plenty of parking for buses. To our amazement, they weren't all filled. So it was relatively uncrowded.  
It was actually 10:30 am but the human sundial showed 11:00 am. Perhaps a taller person would show the correct time.
The first interesting things Bishop Davis showed us was the people powered sundial.

You stand on the correct month, raise your right hand if it is morning or your left hand if it is afternoon, and it shows the time of day.

Pictorial story of Two Lover's Point
Two Lover's Point Story
As the legend goes, centuries ago a Chamorro (native Guam) Princess was told she must marry a Spanish Captain. Refusing to do so, she planned to run away her true love, a local warrior. During their escape, the Spanish soldiers pursued them. Fianally, they tied their hair together and jumped off of the cliff together to their eternal fate.

Bishop Davis also showed us an image of the princess formed in the rocks.

Locals say the rock ledges to the left show an image of the princess

He then showed us various holes in the cliff-side, caused by guns and artillery fire during WWII battles in Guam.

During the battles in Guam, soldiers would hide in these caves in the cliffs. Holes from bullets and artillery are still visible. 

Elder and Sister Martin  
Talofofo Falls

We arrived to the resort entrance on a hot Saturday afternoon. Sister Martin loves the heat so she was happy. Surprise, no buses in the parking lot.

We headed straight to the cable cars that take you to the falls.

Sister Martin by the lower falls

Elder Martin at the lower Talofofo falls

Nothing like a nice bamboo bench in the shade

The falls were beautiful. All the rest of the resort was a little run down.

This was the upper falls

Not too far from the falls was Yokoi's cave. Yokoi was a Japanese soldier that hid out until 1972. He said he didn't know the war had ended. Hiding out for 28 years. Quite the story.

Walking through the jungle to a reproduction of Yokio's cave

Unfortunately, the signs didn't mention that this was not the real cave. The real cave had collapsed years ago.  

Sister Martin took this picture of a beautiful flower

Very strange. This was the entrance to their spook alley.

That afternoon we enjoyed a nice burger and shake at Jeff's Pirates Cove.

We enjoyed these two tourist spots. Not as much as some of the more remote places we've visited, but still nice P-day activities.

Waterfalls, oceans and sunsets. God's creations are always amazingly beautiful.

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  1. So fun! I love the sun dial! Pirate's Cove looks a little scary but it was probably good:) You guys look happy:)