Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Air Force Base, Tarague Beach and more

The senior couple missionaries had an opportunity to visit areas on Andersen Air Force Base. This area of Guam received some damage from Typhoon Dolphin recently. Elder and Sister Thomas (retired military), our sponsors to enter the base, obtained a pass for Sister Martin and I to check out the roads and the area. Many of the trail markers were gone, and there were a lot of fallen trees and many broken branches scattered along the beach. But the roads had been cleared so we scheduled our group to go on our Saturday P-day.

The road as you enter the Tarague Beach area. Beautiful cliffs on the left, beach on the right

The sign showing the available trails in the area
Sister Martin next to a Japanese WWII pillbox. I was told this is the only remaining WWII pillbox in the Tarague area

Elder Martin checking out some shells

Sister Martin and Sister Thomas - Rules do not permit us to wear our missionary name badges on base
I think I see a few Star sand mixed in.

Another great day of exploration and some exercise.

There was an overlook that we eventually found. The sign to the overlook was blown away by the typhoon. The base is located on the northern tip of Guam.
A nice look out where we could see the entire Tarague beach area

Interesting sign next to the overlook but it looked like just another tree to me 

After hiking we decided to go to the food court at the commissary. Popeye's Chicken, Pizza Hut, Taco bell, Subway, etc.  

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