Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Jam Session at the Farewell Party for Drew Burton

Brother and Sister Burton, left, Drew Burton, center, his sister, and then Jamie
Paul and Tami Burton invited the Barrigada Ward to their home to say "good-bye" to Drew. Their son Drew is leaving Guam to go to BYU Provo. We had a hard time finding their home. After returning home, we noticed they put full directions on the Barrigada Ward Facebook page.

It was good to share this time with their family and the many other ward members who came.

 The Hague family and Kaela

 Sister Tosie and Sister Sam

Sister Siren and her granddaughter

Bishop Davis and others were playing their Ukulele and Guitars. I hadn't played Guitar for a long time. I played and sang an Afterglow song that I love called, "Thou Shalt Love the Lord Thy God". It was fun.

Then they handed me Kaela's Uke and I started playing a few songs I learned by Larry Rivera of Kauai, Hawaii. One was "Puka Road", and the other was called "Hele on to Kauai". Bishop Davis, who is from Molokai, Hawaii joined in and it became fun a little Jam Session. Even though I couldn't remember all the chords I used to know, it was still fun.

The ward members are great. I appreciate their example to me. Sister Martin and I feel so blessed to be able to attend their meetings and participate in their ward family activities while serving here in Guam.

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