Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Parable of the Star Sand

It has been fun to see the Star Sand on two different beaches so far, here in Guam. One source on Coco's island and the other on Tarague beach.

Looking at the "Star Sand" and how they are different from the rest, made me think of God and His majesty and great plan for all of us, and how each of us are unique and special to Him. Other thoughts reminded me of one of my favorite songs called "He Sent His Son", where God asks us to, "Live Like His Son". In doing this it usually means that we stand out different from the rest.

We gathered up some of this sand and put it in small bottles.

We decided to send these bottles of sand to our children and grandchildren. I wrote this poem to go with it, with some great help from Sister Martin.

Close-up of Star Sand mixed in with the rest

Pictures of two grandchildren checking out the Star Sand. (Thanks Debbie for posting the video)

"At Sunset's Close One Summer's Eve..."

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