Sunday, July 26, 2015

Another great Preparation Day, filled with the spirit and great blessings.

Yigo Ward Baptism Service

Waiting for the meeting to start...

You've got to love those little children that always sit down up by the baptismal font glass.

Sister Bulewa must like her picture taken

Two weeks ago, the young woman to the right (below), gave the prayer at her sister's baptism. We posted that event on our blog a couple of weeks ago. This time, the sister who was baptized a couple of weeks ago, gave the baptism talk just before her father, mother and two of her sisters (pictured below) were baptized. An amazing family, an amazing experience for all who attended.

Our hearts burned with the peaceful feeling of the spirit confirming the truth of the ordinances performed. How could anyone doubt? This reminded me of the wonderful story of the disciples seeing the risen Lord Jesus Christ on the road to Emmaus in...
Luke 24:31-32 
And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.And they said one to another, Did not our heart burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and while he opened to us the scriptures? 

Watch the Bible Video Link...Christ-appears-on-the-road-to-Emmaus
Four family members briefed on the basics for baptism by immersion

Dededo Ward Baptism Service

Sister Rock - pictured right

Elder Tafuna and Elder Taule'alo

Posing for a picture with the new member and others. Another wonderful baptism. So many who attended were strengthened and blessed.

Missionaries Front - Sister Talakai, Elder Taule'alo, Back - Elder Roberts, Elder Soriano, Sister Muamoholeva

Went for a nice walk to see the beautiful sunset. We met up with Elder and Sister Thomas, Elder and Sister Hamilton, and after the Sunset, Elder and Sister Guercio joined us. 

For us, it was the first time on Guam that the cloud cover was not covering the horizon where the ocean meets the sky, at the point where the sun sets.

We watched for the "Greenish Flash". There was definitely a change but it was hard to see the green.

Just before the "Flash"

During the "Flash"

Close-up of the Green Flash

Friday, July 24, 2015

New Assistant & Sister Trainer Leader - Guam Liberation Day parade

Since Elder Murdoch went home, Elder Fabiano is working with the new assistant, Elder Striplin.

Hard working Assistants to President Zarbock, Elder Fabiano and Elder Striplin

Sister Bulewa dropped in the other day so we took a picture with her. She is the new Sister Trainer Leader.
A picture with Sister Trainer Leader, Sister Bulewa
We went to the Guam Liberation Day Parade. Every year on July 21st, for the last 70 years, the people of Guam celebrate liberation from the Japanese occupation during WWII. The US re-captured Guam after the Japanese took Guam a few years before.


There are a lot of motor cycle enthusiasts on Guam. We think there were around a hundred. They love to make a lot of noise. 

Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard and a Marine Band...

I sat next to a lady that mentioned her parents were in the parade on the first float (below). Her parents were on Guam during the terrible occupation. Their family has always come to the parade. At the beginning of the parade, she would shout out, "Thank You", when each of the US military battalions walked by. I could tell she had an amazing, genuine appreciation for the troops. The people of Guam praised and welcomed the Vietnam veterans when they returned home to Guam as well.

The Santa Rita Float was one of the winners for the parade

This was really a big deal for the people of Guam. We had a good time even though it was very, very hot. Even though I used an umbrella and put sunscreen on, I got slightly sunburned. The UV index was rated "extreme" that day and I found out why.

Sister Martin took this picture of me with Elder and Sister Hamilton
Took time away from the office with Elder and Sister Hamilton

Fireworks later that night.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Following the Spirit - New Arriving Missionaries - Sunday Eve Walk

We love attending church with the Barrigada Ward members on Guam. Sister Martin was the substitute teacher for the Relief Society class today. I (Elder Martin) liked her story a lot and wanted to share it. Here it is:

Today I shared a personal experience in the Relief Society lesson I taught about seeking the Spirit of the Lord and following his promptings.  In May of 1980, my son Steve was a year old and daughter Carol was two. I was busy cleaning the house and they were playing in the backyard. They had been playing in the mud and came to the sliding glass door wanting to come in. I told them, I would get them cleaned up when I finished vacuuming. It seemed like just a few moments later that Carol came to the sliding back door again and said, “Mommy, DeDe (Stevie).” My first thought was “I just told you I would clean you up when I was finished.“ But, immediately the thought came to my mind very clearly, “Go now”!  When I got to the sliding glass door, I could see Steve’s lifeless body in the spa. I rushed into the spa and pulled his body out. I prayed to Heavenly Father for help. I had never had classes or training in CPR. He didn’t respond right at first when I breathed air into him, but I continued to follow the promptings of the Spirit of what to do until he vomited, and began to breathe again. My life has been blessed when I have listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. 
Sister Terry Sparti Martin

1980 Carol & Stevie- Perhaps Carol used this chair to climb over and open the gate from the inside 

Always a great time when we see new missionaries arriving at the office. Excitement, enthusiastic yet a little jet lagged.

Going over finance details with the new missionaries
Elder Hamilton and Elder Martin

Sister Martin and Sister Thomas on our sunset walk at Asan Beach

3 Sisters transferred to Chuuk, more baptisms and 2 new couples arrived

Sister Kichiro has been transferred to the island of Weno, Chuuk with two other sisters.

This is a new milestone for the Micronesia Guam Mission, as we can't find any record of Sisters going there before.

Sister Kuau, Sister Martin and Sister Kichiro
The two other Sisters transferred to Chuuk are Sister Huni and Sister Ta'ase, shown below, teaching the Restoration at a recent baptism in Yigo.

Sister Huni and Sister Ta'ase
We will definitely miss these wonderful Sisters. Sister Kichiro has been in Mangilao for a few months so we have seen her the most. May the Lord bless them.

The baptism was wonderful as well. A lot of Yigo Ward members attended the baptism. We could hardly find a seat. The young woman that was baptized brought some of her family to the service. She is one of 12 children and the first to be baptized. She was taught by several missionaries including Sister Muamoholeva and Sister Talakai.

Here's a picture of President and Sister Zarbock getting some pictures before the baptism.

Sister Muamoholeva and Sister Talakai with the new member in Yigo

The other baptism later that day was at Barrigada Ward. Bishop Davis performed the baptism.

 Several members attended and missionaries including some couples that were still on Guam after the Couple's Conference.

Elder Holmes, Elder Ladore and Elder Stripling

Elder and Sister Reed, Amy Zarbock and Sister Zarbock

Elder and Sister Thomas

Sister Martin

Elder and Sister Brimhall
Elder and Sister Hamilton recently arrived and we are training them for office work. They will replace us in the office. 

Elder and Sister Hamilton, Sister and Elder Martin

We went to the airport to welcome Elder and Sister Hamilton as well as Elder and Sister Batty who went to Kosrae. Sister Thomas made this welcome sign.We didn't take a picture of them at the airport after their long flight to Guam.

Ready to welcome Elder and Sister Batty - Sister Hamilton, Sister Zarbock, President Zarbock, Sister Martin, Elder Martin

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Senior Missionary Couple Conference

All of the Senior Couples joined together in Guam for a few days of instruction and training, a little fun and a few good eats. We also enjoyed building some new friendships.

Monday night we began our Senior Missionary Couple Conference at the Mission Home. Dinner and a game/lesson.

Stephanie and Bishop Freddie Nicerio

Sister Guercio led us in a terrific game using "Preach My Gospel". Each card had "I Have..." and "Who Has..." statements about various concepts such as the attributes of Christ. If your card had the answer you would say, "I have...". Then you would read the PMG statement or quote and someone else would have the answer. It was a race against the clock. Some were a little tricky so we had to concentrate.

Elder and Sister Brimhall and Elder and Sister Furstenau

Tuesday morning we began the seminars. This conference was hosted by Seminary and Institute leaders. Elder Jung of the Quorum of Seventy spoke to us about the booklet, "Gospel Teaching and Learning". When he spoke we felt the spirit testifying of the truth of his words.

Elder Tae-Gul Jung from Korea

A candid pic - Sister Zarbock stepping over some A/V cords

Sister Zarbock spoke to us
Sister Zarbock told about their hike/adventure up a steep mountain in Chuuk. Those they went with were so kind. As they were hiking along, many others joined the group.

 She also told a story of a couple who lost everything, but then reflected back at the irreplaceable experiences they had received.

She also talked about the scripture D & C 97.8-9

President Zarbock teaching
President Zarbock talked about how he listens to scriptures while he does his biking exercise.

He advised the couples to "Leave Someone Behind", meaning we should teach others how to teach and how to do church assignments. Don't just do it for them, but do it with them by temporarily shadowing them.

He also showed a clip from the movie "Chariots of Fire".

Their talks were excellent and very applicable to what we need to do.

All of the couples gave stewardship reports of experiences in their respective areas and assignments.

Sister Martin and I did a little finance and office training. We also showed a few pictures of what we do in the office and expressed how much we enjoy serving everyone in the Micronesia Guam Mission. Thank you again for all those on the outer islands that work with us and help us.

Elder and Sister Furstenau work as Member Leadership Support in Pohnpei

Elder Furstenau talking about Stake President Kalio in Pohnpei  

Elder (Dr.) and Sister Eliason. They volunteer at the Chuuk Hospital.

Elder and Sister Reed mentioned teaching people how to do gardens in Chuuk

Square dance activity

Elder and Sister Hurst do Family History and the Kosrae B.O.M. Pageant
Brother Nicerio is the local leader over Seminary & Institute

Elder and Sister Proffitt service CES in Palau
Elder Proffitt is 76 years old and in excellent health. I asked him what people think about his age. He said when island natives ask how old he is they are so shocked because everyone they know around that age are either dead or in the Hospital.

Elder and Sister Hedgpeth serve in CES on Pohnpei

The Hedgpeths gave this quote by Presiddent Henry B. Eyring

Sister and Elder Hardy work with CES in Chuuk (also help with the Pageants)

Elder and Sister Brimhall work with CES in Yap

Since we are about to go home next month, we were asked to bear our testimonies. Sister Martin and I testified of the truth of the Lord's missionary work we are involved with and so many tender mercies and blessings we have been given while serving for Jesus Christ in Guam.

Breaking off into groups.

We ended the conference with a walk along the beach and a dinner at the Fiesta Resort Hotel
Our final group picture at the Fiesta Hotel by the beach

Sister Martin, Elder Martin (we shared fish tacos), and Elder Reed at Ron's Diner

Elder Reed, Sister Reed, and Elder Tae-Gul Jung

Elder Tae-Gul Jung at Ron's Diner - A big "Ronster" burger with sweet potato fries