Sunday, July 19, 2015

3 Sisters transferred to Chuuk, more baptisms and 2 new couples arrived

Sister Kichiro has been transferred to the island of Weno, Chuuk with two other sisters.

This is a new milestone for the Micronesia Guam Mission, as we can't find any record of Sisters going there before.

Sister Kuau, Sister Martin and Sister Kichiro
The two other Sisters transferred to Chuuk are Sister Huni and Sister Ta'ase, shown below, teaching the Restoration at a recent baptism in Yigo.

Sister Huni and Sister Ta'ase
We will definitely miss these wonderful Sisters. Sister Kichiro has been in Mangilao for a few months so we have seen her the most. May the Lord bless them.

The baptism was wonderful as well. A lot of Yigo Ward members attended the baptism. We could hardly find a seat. The young woman that was baptized brought some of her family to the service. She is one of 12 children and the first to be baptized. She was taught by several missionaries including Sister Muamoholeva and Sister Talakai.

Here's a picture of President and Sister Zarbock getting some pictures before the baptism.

Sister Muamoholeva and Sister Talakai with the new member in Yigo

The other baptism later that day was at Barrigada Ward. Bishop Davis performed the baptism.

 Several members attended and missionaries including some couples that were still on Guam after the Couple's Conference.

Elder Holmes, Elder Ladore and Elder Stripling

Elder and Sister Reed, Amy Zarbock and Sister Zarbock

Elder and Sister Thomas

Sister Martin

Elder and Sister Brimhall
Elder and Sister Hamilton recently arrived and we are training them for office work. They will replace us in the office. 

Elder and Sister Hamilton, Sister and Elder Martin

We went to the airport to welcome Elder and Sister Hamilton as well as Elder and Sister Batty who went to Kosrae. Sister Thomas made this welcome sign.We didn't take a picture of them at the airport after their long flight to Guam.

Ready to welcome Elder and Sister Batty - Sister Hamilton, Sister Zarbock, President Zarbock, Sister Martin, Elder Martin


  1. Exciting to see sisters serving in Chuuk again. The last time young sisters served in Chuuk was in the mid-late 80's. What a blessing the Chuukese people are going to love them. How exciting all the couples serving the MGM the greatest mission in the world. Thank you for making a blog and for keeping it updated. And thank you for serving.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comments. We love doing the blog and sharing the happenings of the Micronesia Guam Mission from an Office Couple's perspective. We will miss this mission and all the people, as we go home next month. Time goes so fast.

  2. Thank you for sharing the happenings of the MGM! We have a lady in our stake who served on Chuuk in the '80's. She contacted us shortly before Elder McEwan and was so excited he was able to serve on Chuuk. She shared experiences of those Chuukese people she was able to help bring into the gospel and was so happy that many of them are still strong and have leadership in the church there.

    How wonderful to have sisters on Chuuk :-).