Sunday, July 19, 2015

Following the Spirit - New Arriving Missionaries - Sunday Eve Walk

We love attending church with the Barrigada Ward members on Guam. Sister Martin was the substitute teacher for the Relief Society class today. I (Elder Martin) liked her story a lot and wanted to share it. Here it is:

Today I shared a personal experience in the Relief Society lesson I taught about seeking the Spirit of the Lord and following his promptings.  In May of 1980, my son Steve was a year old and daughter Carol was two. I was busy cleaning the house and they were playing in the backyard. They had been playing in the mud and came to the sliding glass door wanting to come in. I told them, I would get them cleaned up when I finished vacuuming. It seemed like just a few moments later that Carol came to the sliding back door again and said, “Mommy, DeDe (Stevie).” My first thought was “I just told you I would clean you up when I was finished.“ But, immediately the thought came to my mind very clearly, “Go now”!  When I got to the sliding glass door, I could see Steve’s lifeless body in the spa. I rushed into the spa and pulled his body out. I prayed to Heavenly Father for help. I had never had classes or training in CPR. He didn’t respond right at first when I breathed air into him, but I continued to follow the promptings of the Spirit of what to do until he vomited, and began to breathe again. My life has been blessed when I have listened to the promptings of the Holy Ghost. 
Sister Terry Sparti Martin

1980 Carol & Stevie- Perhaps Carol used this chair to climb over and open the gate from the inside 

Always a great time when we see new missionaries arriving at the office. Excitement, enthusiastic yet a little jet lagged.

Going over finance details with the new missionaries
Elder Hamilton and Elder Martin

Sister Martin and Sister Thomas on our sunset walk at Asan Beach


  1. Thank you for your blog!! My son is one of these arriving missionaries- Elder a Spencer Carter. I cannot tell you how happy I was to see this picture!!! Thank you thank you!!

  2. Nice to see our son as well, Elder Warth. He looks really good. I believe he is picking up Elder Golightly to head off to Saipan
    Jeff Warth