Friday, July 24, 2015

New Assistant & Sister Trainer Leader - Guam Liberation Day parade

Since Elder Murdoch went home, Elder Fabiano is working with the new assistant, Elder Striplin.

Hard working Assistants to President Zarbock, Elder Fabiano and Elder Striplin

Sister Bulewa dropped in the other day so we took a picture with her. She is the new Sister Trainer Leader.
A picture with Sister Trainer Leader, Sister Bulewa
We went to the Guam Liberation Day Parade. Every year on July 21st, for the last 70 years, the people of Guam celebrate liberation from the Japanese occupation during WWII. The US re-captured Guam after the Japanese took Guam a few years before.


There are a lot of motor cycle enthusiasts on Guam. We think there were around a hundred. They love to make a lot of noise. 

Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard and a Marine Band...

I sat next to a lady that mentioned her parents were in the parade on the first float (below). Her parents were on Guam during the terrible occupation. Their family has always come to the parade. At the beginning of the parade, she would shout out, "Thank You", when each of the US military battalions walked by. I could tell she had an amazing, genuine appreciation for the troops. The people of Guam praised and welcomed the Vietnam veterans when they returned home to Guam as well.

The Santa Rita Float was one of the winners for the parade

This was really a big deal for the people of Guam. We had a good time even though it was very, very hot. Even though I used an umbrella and put sunscreen on, I got slightly sunburned. The UV index was rated "extreme" that day and I found out why.

Sister Martin took this picture of me with Elder and Sister Hamilton
Took time away from the office with Elder and Sister Hamilton

Fireworks later that night.

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