Sunday, August 2, 2015

Blessings from Heaven - Baptism, More

As I've been training Elder Hamilton on the mission office work, I'm reminded of the many times how we have received inspiration for this calling. The office is so crazy busy at times and many tasks are forgotten. At times, important things to do would pop into my mind, and was happy that I remembered it. But I realized that many of these were promptings from God. Upon reflecting back, Sister Martin and I have been greatly blessed with direction and help from above.

 -Blessings From Heaven-

Took this picture of Elder Hamilton - He will do great.  
We are so grateful that He and Sister Hamilton were willing to change their assignment from serving on Pohnpei, to serve in the office. Sister Martin and I were originally called as CES missionaries and changed to office couple per the Mission President's request. We think we would have been sent to Pohnpei as well.
The office will be in good hands with Sister Hamilton. She has great computer skills and office managing skills. 

Sister Misinale talking with Sister Martin

Elder Roberts, Elder Soriano and Elder Ladore

President Zarbock was conducting Guam Zone Missionary interviews today so the office was busy.

President Zarbock, Elder Stripling, Elder Arcayan

The many faces of Sister Buam and Sister Aviata at the Mission Office

Sister Baum, Sister Aviata
They are all wonderful missionaries.

Sister Muamoholeva and Sister Talakai, just finished with their interviews

We went to a wonderful baptism at the Barrigada Ward Saturday evening 

Elder Bush & Elder Climer gave a great message about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here's a video clip...

Everyone arriving for the baptism

Looks like Bishop Davis is about ready to start on time 

New Member with, Elder Mott, Elder Becraft, Elder Dickey, Elder Orton, Elder Climer, Elder Bush,
Front: Elder Fabiano, Elder Striplin, Elder Gibb
(Elder Fabiano baptized him and Elder Striplin preformed the confirmation and gift of the Holy Ghost ordinance)
A little ping pong match after the baptism. The zone leaders are getting ready for the Mission Leadership Council - Saturday night activities.

Looks like we need to order some new car keys for Yap island.

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