Sunday, August 9, 2015

Final testimonies - Mission Leadership and much more

This past couple of months, Sister Martin and I have been asked to bear our testimonies at a few events for the last time.

The Senior Couple's Conference, the Guam Zone Conference and most recently the August Mission Leadership Council.

Just before the Micronesia Guam Mission's August Mission Leadership Council started

Final testimonies sound pretty final, but it's still a great opportunity to bear our testimony. Sister Martin and I would not have come on this Mission to the other side of the world if we did not know the work of the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ was true. We know it's true. Coming on a mission, there are so many blessings, a happiness, a peaceful reassurance that is not measurable by any standards. We thank and praise God and Jesus Christ for the amazing Gospel, available to all who are searching to know God. We've had sooooh many spiritual experiences that have strengthened our testimonies. One experience might be enough, but many just keep piling higher.

Elder and Sister Hamilton at Mission Leadership Council
This is the mission home kitchen during the fast
         Sister Zarbock adds fun and spirituality to mission life.
Elder Roberts, Elder Becraft, Elder Mott, Sister Mika

Elder Arcayan

Elder Fabiano and Elder Striplin

Elder Bush, Elder Climer

Elder Becraft, Elder Mott
We grabbed these next few pictures of Sister Martin and I from President Zarbock's Facebook page, of our testimonies and presentations.

Sister Ta'ase, Sister Mika, Sister Rock, Sister Bulewa

Elder Thomas, Sister Thomas, Sister Ta'ase

We had car inspections and Sister Mika decided to show the Sisters how they organize their car trunks in Palau. We think she did a great job.

This is one of the other car trunks that could use some help from Sister Mika.

Sister Misinale doing a great job, helping to back her companion

I was asked an interesting question in the office the other day from the sisters. See below...

They found what they were looking for. Only in Micronesia...

Sister Talakai and Sister Muamoholeva

What great picture with a great group of missionaries in the office. We will miss all of you so much.

Elder Canakaivata, Elder Holmes, Sister Martin, Elder Martin

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