Sunday, August 16, 2015

Litttle adventures - Tank Farm, Museum, Asan Falls a Secret Beach and more

Tank Farm
We had another opportunity to have a break from the office and go on a little adventure with Bishop Davis. We drove over to Leo Palace Resort. After going through the main entrance, we turned right at the main road. Then just before entering the private housing, which has a guard posted, we turned right down a little one-lane road which takes you down to the scenic overlook. We parked on the grass, walked up the stairs, turned left until their was an opening in the fence.

view of our car from the top of the stairs

Sister Martin and Bishop Davis about to spot the tank
There were a lot of wild orchids blooming along the path.

We found it!

Sister Martin on the Tank

Bishop Davis and Elder Martin

Elder and Sister Martin by another armored vehicle with the tank in the background 

Heading back we decided to cross through the swamp. I crossed at a deep place but after seeing me, Sister Martin and Bishop Davis found a shallow spot to cross.

I forgot that our new smart phone was in my front pocket. Thankfully, a thought popped into my mind to take the battery out and put the phone in some rice when we got back. The phone is fine, but the red mud stained some of our clothes. Bishop Davis threw his socks and shoes away after this hike.

We went to the Pacific War Museum that we hadn't been to before.

Sister Martin

Elder Martin

Next we went to Asan Falls.

We followed the directions in our hiking book and found the place quickly. When we got close, there was a steep incline so Sister Martin stayed up above while Bishop Davis and I went down to Asan Falls. The First falls at the top had another name called Tony falls.

Tony Falls

All at once, Bishop Davis said, "It smells like rain, let's hurry back to the truck". I couldn't smell anything. Sure enough, as soon as we got back to the truck it started raining pretty hard.

While it was raining we drove by Masso Reservoir. Too rainy to explore that area.

Secret Beach (We couldn't find a name anywhere so that's what I'm calling it)

We drove down a few roads and found one road that took us all the way to a new beach. From Rt. 15 we drove down a road next to Eagles Mart. One road takes you down to the Guam Agriculture Development & Training Facility. Just before you get to that facility, there was a newly created road that doesn't show up on the maps.

Sister Martin on Secret Beach

Big Crabs on Secret Beach

Elder Martin sitting down to check out some big crabs running around.

Looking south towards Fadian Cove

Another great day to explore some of the great sites Guam has to offer.

After we finished we all went to a great Chinese restaurant called Spring Chinese Kitchen. Sister Fee from the Barrigada Ward recommended it. The secret is ordering off of the Chinese menu and not the one in English which only has the Americanized Chinese dishes.

Several days earlier, we went with Elder and Sister Thomas to a few places on Guam.

Gadao's Cave

Elder and Sister Thomas 

At Gadao's Cave

Talaifak Spanish Bridge

Fort Soledad - Built 1810

Elder and Sister Thomas and Elder Martin at Fort Soledad

    Looking back at the Umatac bridge.

 Leo Palace Resort and the Tank Farm

Sister Martin with Elder and Sister Thomas at Leo Palace - Tank Farm in the far distance

Tank in the distance
Several days later we went back with Bishop Davis to see the Tank Farm close up.

Here's another great restaurant on Guam that we tried with the Elder and Sister Hamilton. Asu Smokehouse at Chamorro Village. The beef brisket just fell apart and the flavor was excellent.

For all you who may be wanting to serve a Senior Couple LDS Mission,  Guam would be a great choice. The people are great, the little outings are great, the food is great, the work is true and definitely worth it.

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