Saturday, August 29, 2015

Many "Until We Meet Again's"

We heard from our Heber 8th Ward Bishop back at home in Utah and we will be speaking in church at 9:00 am on September 20th (600 S 1200 W). That's the same day as Elder and Sister Roberts, my brother-in-law and sister will be speaking in Wales Utah, as they have been serving in the Urdaneta Philippines Mission.

Sister Martin and I had the opportunity to speak in the Barrigada ward last Sunday. It seems no mater how many times we speak in church, we're always a little nervous. Although I will admit, it wasn't as bad as previous talks, since we were speaking to so many new friends, about blessings of being on a mission.

When we arrived Sister BerlynTaiwerbei put leis on us just before the meeting started, it really sank in how soon we would leave them. She said, she wanted to set us off "island style."

We're definitely in that bitter/sweet sad to leave the mission, yet so happy to see family and start attending the temple again.

We will miss the many wonderful people we have worked with at the Guam Service Center. We didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to some of them on our last day. They were great.

It's been quite the experience turning over the office reigns to the new office couple. Make sure to look at their blog.

Elder and Sister Hamilton's Blog

Some happy pics from the office.

Sister Martin, Sister Aviata, Sister Baum

Elder Gibb and Elder Striplin in the office

FYI...We Googled Elder Striplin's name (Dakota Striplin) and found he is quite a singer.

We had our final FHE dinner at the Mission Home and an opportunity to say goodbye to the wonderful Senior Couples. It was also a welcome to Elder and Sister Williams, the new Family History couple. They will do great.

Elder and Sister Guercio, Elder and Sister Thomas, President and Sister Zarbock

Elder Martin, Elder and Sister Williams, Elder and Sister Hamilton, Elder and Sister Guercio

We had the opportunity of greeting the Williams at the airport.

Elder and Sister Williams at the Airport

We've started to say a few goodbyes to some of the missionaries and ward members. We love them all. Here's a few pictures we took of the events.

They said they rarely use the kitchen since so many ask them over to dinner

Sister Martin with Sister Baum and Sister Aviata
We gave Elder Holmes some of my shirts and pants. He said they will get used more. Elder Canakaivata said he loaned one of his shirts to Elder Tafuna since his shirts were mostly worn out.
Elder Canakaivata, Elder White, Elder Kjar, Elder Beard, Elder Holmes, Elder Leota, Sister and Elder Martin

Brother and Sister Fee (Barrigada Ward) and Brother and Sister Goraty (from Kauai)

We had the Assistants over for dinner a couple of weeks ago. 

Elder Striplin looking at the Chicken pot pie Sister Martin made
 They are great missionaries and a great help to the mission.

Elder Striplin, Elder Gibb, Sister Martin, Elder Martin
Final Farewells at the Mission Office 

Sister Calder and Sister Misinale

Sister Taumuefalau and Sister Talakai

A few new missionaries had just arrived as we were heading off to the airport

We’ll end with a statement we made on our mission blog last November. “It's an amazing blessing to be around these great missionaries who have chosen to give their time and resources for 1 1/2 to 2 years for unselfish, unpaid service to the people of Micronesia and to the Lord Jesus Christ who we love and serve. All the glory and all the credit, goes to God for all the good works that may be accomplished here”.

We will post our talks in a few weeks.

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