Monday, September 21, 2015

2nd Stop Los Angeles California

After leaving Japan, we headed for California. Since we had a nephew getting married in the Los Angeles Temple near our mission release date, we added this stop.

Missing the temple for a year and a half was challenging. Visiting two temples within one week, what a great blessing and opportunity. We decided to stay at Azul Inn across the street from the temple.

After splurging on dinner at Lawry's Prime rib we decided to go see the LA Temple grounds.

At Lawry's

It was beautiful. We ran into a senior couple at the visitor's center that shared some of their miracles and conversion stories. They mentioned that people from all over the world visit the LA temple visitor's center. The stories were inspiring.

The next day, just before the wedding, we started meeting some family at the visitor's center. 

Happy reunions. After the wedding was picture time.

The Happy Couple

Then the reception for more pics.

Sunday after church...

Saying goodbye to the Hossfields before their drive home. 

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